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The Smart Panel Schedule web application automates the tedious process of creating, editing and maintaining panel schedules. No more spreadsheets, PDF templates, or hand written, barely legible schedules. Electrical engineers, designers, electricians, or anyone who creates or maintains panel schedules will save time and reduce errors. Each panel schedule has an embedded QR code to simplify updates. Give it a shot, or keep reading:

Panel Schedules Background

Panel schedules, also known as circuit directories, are used to document electrical circuits within a panelboard. Maintaining this documentation is a requirement of the National Electrical Code. The first two sentences of NEC Article 408.4 clearly articulate the requirement:

“Every circuit and circuit modification shall be legibly identified as to its clear, evident, and specific purpose or use. The identification shall include an approved degree of detail that allows each circuit to be distinguished from all others…”

NFPA National Electrical Code (2017), Article 408.4

In the real world creating and maintaining this documentation is time consuming and error prone. Changes make to the panelboard or downstream wiring are often poorly documented, if at all. This is a major safety and operational hazard that will result in citations from the local Authority Having Jurisdiction.

The Solution

The Smart Panel Schedule engine solves these problems:

  1. No more spreadsheets to update or maintain; data is stored in the cloud.
  2. The panel schedule can be effortlessly revised after changes are made by scanning the QR code with a phone.
  3. Anyone can verify that the printed panel schedule is the latest revision.
  4. No specialized hardware or software is required; the application is completely online.

Additional features in active development:

  • Panel imbalance calculator.
  • Panel auto-rebalance.
  • User/company profile to manage schedules.
  • CSV (or Excel) file import/export.
  • Use of special characters and different font sizes.
  • Email notifications (schedule created, revised, or found to be out of date).
  • Additional page sizes and rotations (11×17, portrait/landscape, narrow cut etc.)

I appreciate feedback; let me know how I can make this application suit your needs:

Thanks for your time! -Brendon Bruns

Update 12/23/21: Adjusted the description column in the panel schedule to wrap text. A PNG is now generated from the PDF and displayed on the web page. The PDF is linked for download.